Consumer Justice

We’re working to bring consumer justice into balance for all Oregonians.

OCJ is here to help People

Unfair payday loans, debt collection and credit reporting, deceptive student loan services, hidden banking and credit fees, mortgage, housing, insurance and construction fraud, imposter scams, illegal towing, misrepresented medical and travel services, telecom monopolies, dishonest auto sales, repairs and financing…

The need for consumer justice is everywhere – and the majority of need isn’t being met.

OCJ wants to change that by building an equitable and sustainable ecosystem that works for every Oregonian; one that puts people first, making sure that every financial and business transaction is fair and safe.

We work to balance the system by advocating for laws that prevent deception and fraud against consumers.
We share information and learning to facilitate awareness and understanding with partners and policymakers to achieve more equitable outcomes.
We build and strengthen consumer resources so that everyone can get the help they need when their rights have been violated.

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